Open Letter To Job-Seeking Youth of India Why They Should Vote for Narendra Modi

Dear  Job-seeking Youth of India,

The Lok Sabha elections are around the corner and the time has come to choose the next Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy. It is important to make the right decision and choose the right leader if we want our country to progress. The biggest question is whom should we vote?

Rise of BJP in Assam

After the Lok Sabha Polls in 2014, lotus bloomed on the banks of the mighty River Brahmaputra. There had been a lot of hue and cry, and numerous stories of the polls about who will win and form government in the centre. After the results BJP won with absolute majority and formed the Government at the center. However, the interesting story is the onset of BJP in the eastern part of the country, especially in Assam.  The political scenario of Assam had completely changed during the 14th Lok Sabha elections. Although, BJP was a strong contender for Congress even in the state of Assam, this time the party had come out really strong and won over 7 seats in the entire state. Sarbananda Sonwal, the Assam President of BJP expected 5 to 6 seats in 14 constituencies of the state, but was overwhelmed, when they won 7 seats out of 14. This was a big win for Bharatiya Janata Party, marking the rise of the orange party in Assam, which is a major state of North-East India and the commercial hub of the region.

The Realists of Modern Assamese Cinema: Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia

In the history of modern cinema, film critics and theorists have long given their intellectual support to the practice of realist film making. In a nutshell, the realist film offers the possibility of "the mechanical imitation of nature" in which original and copy become indistinguishable in the eyes of the common man whom we refer as the viewer. The great directors like Bazin, Bresson, De Sica, Renoir, Rossellini, and Orson Welleshad a common desire to put cinema in a very simple fundamental faith called “reality” where cinema will be identified as the fulfillment of the human craving for realistic representation and feeling. And vision and mission of modern cinema lies exactly there with its goal - simplicity, purity, and transparency.

A Tribute to an Assamese Socialist - Ajit Kumar Sharma

Leafing through one of the old editions of Frontline, I was intrigued by the opening lines of the obituary for Surendra Mohan, a renowned socialist leader of his time- “To remember him is to recall the finest human virtues and political values that the socialist movement in India contributed to the country’s public life.He will be remembered across the political spectrum for upholding the tradition of personal and political integrity established by the first generation of leaders of the socialist movement.”

Belonging to a generation born in the post liberalization era years after the socialist movement lost its vitality in the political spectrum, my understanding of the different facets of the movement remains partially obscure.However, I have grown up hearing about the charismatic socialist leaders and their contributions in the socio-cultural realm, especially in Assam. Socialists like Hem Baruah and Dr.Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya require no introduction as their contribution- educational, political, social and literary, hold a deep impact over the Assamese legacy.However,a name which we often forget to recall and whose contributions we fail to recognize while remembering the makers of modern Assam is that of another notable socialist leader,late Ajit Kumar Sharma.A prolific speaker,a prominent educationist, a gifted writer,a revered guru to generations of students and one of the most influential public intellectuals of his time,Sharma was a committed socialist.

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