The foot soldiers of Assam

Yes Assam is in trouble , our ethnic conflicts are on the rise , rhinos are getting killed , the hills and plains are on fire , it’s a mess everywhere …at the end the Xunor Axom idea did not work out that’s what we all say and whine about. Then we will again raise the statement “Ami Axomiya Nohou Dukhiya” for our own self satisfaction. However there is a silent revolution happening and it is happening for the good and better. 

Assamese or we can say people of Assam – be it a young lad from Bongaigaon or Dhemaji, or Jorhat or Silchar is coming out from the mother state. Yes there is very little hope employability wise and things are real bad...but ….this vast horde of young people, be it affluent or poor, tribal or nontribal, Hindu or Muslim cannot be ignored. Many of them are doing well in the metros and a large number have even gone to foreign shores. Assam Associations are sprouting up where you can see …the metro’s, in the US the Middle East, Far East, Australia everywhere. In other words are young people are not dependent on Govt jobs or waiting for some spectacular project to happen like earlier. It is a good sign or a bad sign only time will tell. But for sure, from what all can see over the last two decades at least is that it’s a very positive indication. Maybe not a super strong presence like rest of the states, but our people are having a size-able presence, be it in IT , Media , oil and Gas/Energy and Banking. Like we take pride in our heroes’ of yore: Bir Lachit and Bir Chilarai …our common middle class youth are increasingly making their presence felt in many a sector……this is a salute to our younger masses. Hope in the near future many of them will return to the mother state with their skills and make another revolution this time for progress and unity …..Joi Aai Asom!

By - Anupam Khaund


  1. Well written Anupam. In my view we Assamese people lack business culture, we are not business minded. We are happy to do jobs and have a stable income but many of us hesitate to something of our own. Unless we develop entrepreneurship skills and business minds (that will not come immediately, as it is not in our blood like Gujratis and Marwadis) in our region, we will keep lagging.

    1. vry true..i agree..its not lack of resources,,its not lack of funds but its just a lack of a creative and inquisitive mind-set,,,we really lack the qualities to be a trend-setter instead of a trend-follower...

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